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Let her shop!

By popular demand, I’m happy to annouce our new line of e-gift certificates!


   Women love to shop, so why not let her pick out her own favorite piece?  Our e-gift certificates are available in $25 increments, emailed immediately, and make the perfect last minute gift.  Email directly to someone far away, or email it to yourself to print out and slip into a card.  

a gift for them = a gift for you

For every $25 gift certificate you purchase between now and Dec 31, we will email you a $5 voucher to use in 2014!  

(gift certificate will be emailed to you immediately to the email address you provide,  your $5 voucher will be emailed to you in the first week of January 2014.  Offer expires 12.31.13 @ 11:59pm )

Just doodles?

For anyone who knows me and my work I create in my studio, one of my absolute favorite mediums to create with is the drawings of young children.  


Some make me laugh, others bring a tear – but all have one thing in common – they are representative of what’s important to these precious little ones.



 I just loved these researched findings from the University of Wellington on “The Why and How of Children’s Drawings”  The following paragraph was my favorite excerpt of the study – I will never look at little ones drawings the same again!  

“When children first start to draw, their drawings have little relation to what is seen with the eye. Their drawings are symbols of those things which at the time have meaning and importance to them. Thus the human figure in a very young child’s work may appear as a large head mounted on two legs. Although the child knows that the body is there and sees it, he draws only those parts of the body that he thinks important; the face because it speaks, the legs because they move about. Children do not depict what is before their eyes so much as their feelings and emotions in relation to things about them. “




As I write this post, one of my children’s many drawings is pinned above my desk.  It’s of me and her together, with our large heads, huge eyes and tall scrawny legs – now that drawing is just that more precious to me!  ❤ 

What’s Your Perfect Length?

You’ve found this great necklace online & it comes it a variety of lengths.  You have the choice of anywhere between 14 & 33 inches.  What size should you choose??  This great simple picture on Pinterest is an awesome visual to refer back to anytime you’re having trouble deciding!  



So, what’s your perfect length?  Depending on what I’m wearing,  I think I’m somewhere between a 16″ & a 20″ 🙂  


Cuff Loves + Lily&Val Collaboration



Two different artistic mediums unite to create a truly unique jewelry form!  If you haven’t already, pop in to Lily&Val and check out all the beautiful hand drawn chalk art by chalk artist Valerie McKeehan.  We have merged our two talents and are happy to now offer some of her select chalkboard designs as wearable art!



There are many styles & colors to choose from – with an completely new jewelry line coming soon!