Behind the scenes…


        My little in-home studio is located in the small mountain town of Revelstoke British Columbia, Canada.   Away             from the happy ramblings of  little ones (usually while they are sleeping! )..time flies in my space as I craft up a             custom wedding order, or have fun manipulating children’s pictures & drawings of my clients into cufflinks &               custom jewelry.
         I feel strongly about supporting indie- business, and source my supplies from fellow entrepreneurs. I look for              supplies that are of the highest quality, unique and have a simple, classy look.

       My children are a great inspiration for my work, as I try to devise more ways to keep their photos and                            keepsakes special – to make them into something that is cherished & preserved.  With each sale, I post a little pin        on my world map as to where this next order is being shipped to. I am a visual person, so seeing my map with            all the little dots {customers} on it is still quite a thrill to me!

Oh, and my perfect Saturday afternoon?  That would find me strolling through a farmers or craft market in some beautiful little town on a crisp fall day, sipping a London Fog, and discovering some awesome vintage pyrex dish to add to my collection…..(with my family in-tow of course!)


Twitter: @CuffLoves

Etsy: Cuffloves.etsy.com

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